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🚀 #TakeYourLifeBack Summary Edition – Master Sleep, Hydration and Fitness - Vol. 6

Welcome to the #TakeYourLifeBack summary edition! This marks the sixth and final volume of Phase 1. Fear not, as two more phases are in the pipeline and will be coming your way in the upcoming weeks and months. For now, let's recap what we've discussed so far.

75Hard – I introduced this program as a daily checklist to help you get back into great physical shape, establish healthier eating habits, and ultimately level up in all aspects of life. While it's designed to be hardcore, I commend those who strictly follow it; you'll undoubtedly become a better version of yourself. For those who've modified it to suit their lifestyles, I say, "Bravo!" Keep making it work for you, and as long as you're improving, keep up the fantastic work!

Sleep – I cannot overstate the sheer importance of proper sleep. Maintaining the discipline required to elevate your life is nearly impossible without it. Sleep is complex and varies greatly between individuals, so what disrupts your sleep may be unique to you. If you need help reviewing your sleep habits, feel free to email me. Master your sleep, and watch your dreams come to life.

Hydration – You've probably heard this one before: drink more water! My preferred method is to drink a pint upon waking and sip from a large jug throughout the day. Pro-tip: stop drinking water a few hours before bed to avoid disrupting your sleep.

Sauna – Boost your fitness routine by sweating it out in a sauna! This age-old practice not only improves cardiovascular health but also helps detoxify your body. Stay hydrated and monitor your heart rate while using the sauna. It's the ultimate wellness cheat code since it allows you to get healthier just by sitting.

Diet and Nutrition – I might not have covered this enough, but let's keep it simple: consume single-ingredient whole foods like steak, fish, broccoli, and other veggies. Avoid processed foods, refined sugars, and don't drink your calories! Use common sense and pay attention to how your food makes you feel.

For my part, I'm embracing a new challenge inspired by a book I'm reading: incorporating plant-based meals into my diet. I'll start by replacing two to three dinners a week with 100% plant-based meals. I'm also beginning endurance training with road biking and long-distance running. My focus is shifting from lifting heavy weights to building endurance, heart health, and brain health for better longevity. Keep moving, folks!

Remember, we are the sum of our habits. They define us, for better or worse. Ultimately, this journey is about developing better habits for a more fulfilling life – for ourselves, each other, and our loved ones. Take care, and stay tuned for Phase 2 of #TakeYourLifeBack!

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